Erin McClintock is a thoughtful, creative, and supportive counselor whose passion for working with college students began following a tragic loss during her own college experience. Deciding On Happy was born out of love, and out of the hope that she could help emerging adults identify their strengths, inspire their confidence, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in both college and in life.

After obtaining her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, Erin worked as a therapist in the Counseling Center at Clark University, where she helped thousands of college students as they navigated the social, emotional, and academic challenges of the college experience. She went on to oversee all aspects of Wellness and Prevention Education, including mental health promotion, violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention and support.

In addition to her work with Deciding On Happy, Erin currently works as Director of Prevention Education for The Campus Prevention Network powered by EVERFI. Through her work with The Campus Prevention Network and EVERFI, Erin is able to have a hand in supporting hundreds of thousands of students, faculty, and staff nationwide on critical wellness issues related to higher education.