Preparing young adults for college and beyond.

Our Mission


The transition to college is a journey that can bring about a variety of emotions and experiences. Although often described as "the best years of your life", many students struggle with adjusting. Being away from home for the first time, balancing friendships and academics, and confronting social pressures can sometimes leave students feeling unsettled or conflicted. The coaches at Deciding On Happy understand this, and work to support students as they embark on their journey of higher education. Together, we will explore the exciting and challenging aspects of this monumental life change, and work on developing critical skills for greeting them with confidence.

Based in the greater Worcester area, we enjoy working with local students in person, as well as national and international students via Skype, email, and telephone.

The notion of "Deciding On Happy" comes from the belief that the actions we take can directly impact our level of life satisfaction. The intentional and deliberate choices that we make on a daily basis greatly contribute to the way that we feel about ourselves and the world around us. For many, attending college is a pivotal first step towards this deliberateness and self-reliance. We aim to prepare, empower, and support you during this transformative time.

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